Vegetable Spring Rolls - 4.95-
Crispy fried pancake stuffed with vegetables
Vegetable Manuchurian Dry - 5.95-
Vegetable dumplings gently tossed with spicy sweet and sour sauce
Cauliflower Salt 'N' Papper -5.95-
Crispy cauliflower with tossed oninos, garlic and chili
Crisapy Lotus Wheels -5.95-
Crispy lotus stems stir fried with onions in honey sauce
Tofu Delight -5.95-
Crispy tofu glazed with sweet chili
Chilli Paneer Dry -5.95-
Cheese sauteed with fresh chilies and onions
Chicken Spring Rolls -5.95-
Crispy Fried pancake stuffed with chicken
Crispy Chicken with Honey -5.95-
Crispy boneiess pieces of chicken sauteed in chili honey sauce
Chilli Chicken Dry -6.95-
Marinated chicken cooked with fresh chili, onion,garlic and soy sauce
Chicken Lollipop -6.95-
Wok fried chicken wings tossed with chilies and garlic sauce
Salt'N' Pepper Shrimp or Fish -8.95-
Cocount crusted, tossed with onions, garlic and chili
Steamed Vegetables -9.95-
Stir fried vegetables with a choice of beans or Szechwan or chilies
Vegetable Manchurian -9.95-
Golden fried vegetables in hot Manuchurian sauce
Chilli Cauliflower -9.95-
Stir fried cauliflower in hot chili sauce
Chilli Panner / Chilli Tofu -9.95-
Cubes of tofu/panner sauteed with vegetables in chili sauce
Thai Vegetable Curry (Red, Green, or Yellow) -10.95-
Traditionally prepared spicy vegetable curry with coconut milk and spices in your choice of curry
Hakka chilli chicken -11.95-
Boneless pieces of chicken prepared with fresh herbs and chili in traditional Hakka Style
Szechwan chicken -11.95-
Authentic preparation of chicken in a spicy Szechwan sauce
Chicken with Broccoli -11.95-
sliced chicken served with brown sauce
Coriander Garlic Chicken -11.95-
wok fried chicken with onions and gerrn peppers ina garlic coriander sauce
Chicken Manchurin - 11.95-
sliced chicken sauteed in mauchurian sauce
Chicken with Hot Garlic Sauce -11.95-
Sliced chickan cooked and stir fried in hot garlic sauce
Sweet 'N' Sour Chicken -11.95-
Sliced chicken sauteed with green peppers and onions served in sweet and sour sauce
Thai Chicken Curry (Red, Yellow, or Green) -11.95-
Traditionally prepared chicken curry with bamboo shoots and coconut milk with your chice of sauce
Basil Ginger Chicken -12.95-
Boneless pieces of chicken breast stir fried in ginger and basil sauce
Vegetable Samosa -4.95-
Crisp turnovers filled with potatoes and peas
Vegetable Pakora -4.95-
Fritters stuffed with assorted vegetables
Paneer Packora -4.95-
Pieces of homemade cheese, dipped in chick peas batter & fried
Cashed Nut roll -4.95-
Crushed Cashew Nuts in potatoes mixed with oriental spices and deep frie
Fish Amritsari -8.95-
Fresh fish fillet marinated in exotic spices and batter fried
Assrted Appetizer Platter -8.95-
samosa's, Pakora's and papad
Tandoori Vegetables -9.95-
Mixed vegetables marinated with fresh spices and grilled over charcoal
Paneer Tikka -9.95-
Cubed cottage cheese Seasoned with spices and grilled over charcoal
Tandoori Chicken
Chicken marinated in yogurt with spices and herbs
Malai kabab -13.95-
Chicken breast marinated and barbequed with ginger and a touch of nutmeg
Chicken Tikka -13.95-
Chicken Breast seasoned andslowly broiled over charcoal in tandoori oven
Pathar Kabab -13.95-
Tender lamb kebaba flattened over stone than marinated in exotic heibs and spices
Seek kakab -13.95-
Mild tender pieces of chicken or lamb mixed with fresh spices rolled and grilled over skewer
Tandoori Shrimp -21.95-
jumbo shrimps marinated with herbs and spices
Fish Tikka -17.95-
Fish fillet flavored with fresh indian spices and grilled over charcoal
Tandoori Mix grill -22.95-
Tandoori Chicakn Tikka, Malai Kebab, pather Kebab and shrimp tandoori platter
Lamb Chops -22.95-
Baby lamb chops marinnated in herbs and spices and show broiled over our traditional Tandoori style
Lamb Curry -13.95-
Tender pieces of lamb cubes cooked in a light Gravy
Lamb kadai -13.95-
Lamb cudes sauteed in ginger, onions, fresh tomatoes and spices
Lamb Peshwari -13.95-
Succulent pieces of lamb specially prepared in a light sauce with black pepper, yoqurt onions & tomatoes
Lamb Jalpharezi -13.95-
Lamb cooked with mixed vegetable
Lamb Sag -13.95-
Boneless pieces of lamb cooked in spinach and mild sauces
Vegetable Biriyani -9.95-
Fragrant rice cooked with fresh gardan vegetables and nuts
Chicken Biriyani -12.95-
Long grain rice flavored with saffron and cooked with chicken,nuts, and spices
Lamb Biriyani -13.95-
Tender pieces of lamb cooked with basmati rice, flavored with saffron and spices
Shrimp Biriyani -15.95-
Long grain Bas rice cooked with sharimp, saffron and spices
Tandoori Roti -1.75-
Plain whole wheat bead inour clay oven
Naan -1.75-
The traditional white flaour bread, beked in our clay oven
Garlic Naan -2.95-
Tandoori naan topped off with seasonal garlic
Paratha -2.95-
Unleavned layered whole wheat bread topped with melted butter
Aloo Paratha
Paratha bread, stuffed generously with crushed onion
Paneer Naan -3.95-
Tandoori naan stuffed with homemade cheese
Keema Naan 3.95-
Rich and delicious unleavevnd bread stuffed with minced meat and onions
Soda 1.90 Tea 1.95
Coffee 1.95
Masala Chai 1.95
Sweet Lassi 2.95
Homemade yoqurt with sweet
Salt Lassi 2.95
Homemade yoqurt with salt
Mango Lassi 3.95
Sweetened yoqurt with fresh mangoes
Pina Colada3.95
Fruit Punch 3.95
Man Chow Soup -4.95-
Garlic flavored soup with chicken and vegetable
Hot 'N' Sour Soup -4.95-
Combination of mushrooms and tofu with your choice of chcicken and vegetable
Sweet Corn Cream -4.95-
Homemade corn soup perpared with your choice of chicken and vegetable
Tom tam Goong -4.95-
Thai soup with vegetable, mushrooms, and lemongrassa and lemon juice with a choice
Mango Tropical salad -4.95-
Juliennes of mango, Cucumber and carrot with a mango and sweet chili dressing
Soam taum salad -4.95-
Row Papaya chopped with basil, chilli and roasted peanuts, with tamarind sauce
Chilli Fried Lamb -14.95-
Sliced lamb sauteed with onions and green chili
Lamb Szechwan -14.95-
Sliced lamb in authentic spicy Szechwan sauce
Thai Lamb Curry (Red, Yellow, or Green) -14.95-
A traditionally prepared spicy lamb curry with bamboo shoots coconut milk and spices
Ginger lamb -14.95-
Stir fried lamb with green peppers and fresh ginger flavored sauce
Chilli Shrimp/Fish -15.95-
Shrimp/Fish sauteed with onions and green pepper in hot chili sauce
Shrimp/Fish in Hot Garlic Sauce -15.95-
Shrimp/Fish sauteed with Vegetable in hot garlic sauce
Szechwan Shrimp/Fish -15.95-
Shrimp/Fish prapared in spicy Szechwan sauce
Sweet 'N' Sour shrimp/Fish -15.95-
Shrimp/Fish stir fried with green peppers and onions ina sweet & sour sauce
Thai Shrimp/Fish Curry (Red, Yellow or Green) - 15.95-
Shrimp/Fish cooked with hot curry and cocnut milk with your chioce of sauce
Basil Ginger Shrimp/Fish -15.95-
Wok Fried Shrimp/Fish in aginger and basil sauce
Vegetable -8.95 - Chicken -9.95- Shrimp 10.95-
Fried Rice (Chicken/Vegetable)
Stir fried rice to perfection with your choice of vegetable, egg or chicken
Chili Garlic Fried Rice(Chicken/Vegetable)
Fried rice traditionally served spicy with garlic flavor
Thai Fried Rice (Chicken/Vegetable)
Authentic Thai fried rice with scallions, chili and basil
Yang Chow Fried Rice
Fried rice with combination of shrimp, chicken, egg and vegetables
Shrimp Fried Rice
Stir fried with shrimp,egg,green peas and carrots
Hakka Noodles (Chicken/vegetarian)
Traditional hakka style Chiness noodles prepared to your choice
Chili Garlic Noodles(Chicken/vegetable)
Stir fried chili noodles perpared to your choice
Singapore Noodles (Chicken/vegetable or shrimp)
Thin egg noodles stir fried to perfeaction singaporean style
Pad Thai Noodles
Flat rice noodles with vegetables, tofu, bean sprouts and gronud peanuts
Malai Kofta -9.95-
Homemade cheese stuffed in vegetable balls, cooked in mildly spiced creamy sauce
Mutter Paneer -9.95-
Homemade fresh cheesh with green peans, cooked in onion, tomato, yogurt and indian spice
Sag Paneer/Palak paneer -9.95-
Homemade cottage cheese cubes cooked with fresh spinach in and herbs
Navrathan korma -9.95-
Mixed vegetables cooked with nuts, mild spices and cream
Dal Makhani -9.95-
Lentils with freshly ground spices sauteed in bitter, onions and tomatoes
Paneer Makhani -9.95-
Homemade cottage cheese cubes cooked in butter and a creamy rich tomato sauce
Bhindi (Okra) Masala -9.95-
Baby okra sauteed with onions, tomatoes and spices
Aloo Gobi -9.95-
Fresh Cauliflower and sauteed potatoes stir-fried with mild to medium spices
Channa Masala/Punjabi Choley -9.95-
Chick peas steamed with tomatoes, onions ginger garlic and other herbs
Vegetable jalfrazie -9.95-
vegetable marinated with fresh ground spices and sauteed with tomatoes,onion, Capsicum(green pepper)
Chicken Tikka Masla -12.95-
Tender boneless chicken marinnated in spices, herbs and yogurt, and finished in a flavored tomato based gravy
Chicken Makhani -12.95-
Boneless Chicken simmered in butter and a creamy rich tomato sauce
Chicken Curry -12.95-
Tender pieces of chicken cooked in spinacha dn mild sauces
Chicken Vindaloo -12.95-
Juicy pieces of chicken in a light gravy with potatoes and spices
Chicken Sag -12.95-
Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in spinach and mild sauces
Chicken Jalfrazie -12.95-
Chickan prepared with fresh tomatoes, bell pepppers and onions in fine heabs and spices
Chicken Korma -12.95-
savory chicken cooked in light gravy with herbs and spices
Shrimp Curry 79.95-
Large succulent shrimp cooked in mild sauce
Shrimp Dopiaza -17.95-
Shrimp cooked with green pappers, onices & oriental spices
Malabar Fish Curry
A sonth Indian specialty, fresh fish fillet cooked with, milk fresh tomates
Goan Fish Curry -17.95-
A south Indian specialty, fresh fish fillet cooked with fresh tomatoes, onions & oriental spices
Kulfi -3.95-
An authentic Indian ice cream made with milk nuts
Gulab Jamun -3.75-
Juicy milk balls dipped in noney syrup
Mango Ice Cream -3.75-
Mango-flavored ice cream
Kheer (Rice Pudding) -3.75-
Long grain Basmati rice in thick milk with almonds,nuts, raisins, topped with pistachio
Rasmalai -3.95-
Homemade cheese balls sweetened in milk and flavored with rose water & nuts
Thai Fried Ice- cream -4.95-
Rich and creamy vanilla ice cream, dipped in a delicate batter & quickly batter & quickly deep- fried to a golden brown